• What Women Should Do When Buying Cars

    Sponsored post. Buying a car can be intimidating for a woman. That shouldn’t be the case especially when there are websites like Cars.com that offer a lot of information and resources that are a big help to car buyers. Learn the whole car buying process to be able to negotiate well. Be wary of scams and always be ready when you go to the dealership by bringing all pertinent documents like research work and credit reports.

  • Lovely Hair By Divatress

    Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed in this post are the author’s own. To have beautiful hair, there are some people who’ll do everything. Both men and women get their hair treated at salons and have them cut in the latest hair style so they would look great. That’s exactly why those having hair loss and premature baldness get worried and try everything to solve their problems. Women wear wigs while men wear toupees. However, not all wigs fit and are beautiful. There

  • Box Of Joy – Lazada’s Birthday Sale

    The Box of Joy is becoming Lazada’s staple treat to its affiliate bloggers during campaign season. It initially started back in 2016 for the yearly Online Revolution and this year’s Birthday Sale saw the comeback of the Box of Joy. Previously, the contents of the box are primarily goods from the FMCG sector. While this year’s Box of Joy is still dominated by FMCG, we’re already seeing new additions from categories such as watches, and electronics accessories.

  • Converse’s New Fall/Holiday 2016 Counter Climate Footwear Collection

    Converse has been around for many decades that it has become a household name when it comes to athletic shoes and lifestyle brand footwear. Being one of America’s most iconic footwear companies, many people always look forward to their present and upcoming collections.

  • Unmasking Your Thyroid: Know The Disorder

    Thyroid gland is just one of the organs that play an important role in our body. It secretes thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) our body needs. However, the level of thyroid hormones should be kept balance. It is important that your thyroid gland produces enough level of thyroid hormones to keep a healthy thyroid gland. Its level should not lower down nor go up as this showcases a sign of disorder in your thyroid.