Clean And Protected Intimate Areas

GynePro: Clean And Protected Intimate Areas

Keeping our intimate areas clean is a must especially during menstruation. There are certain hygienic practices that we should observe like regularly changing our sanitary napkins, using cotton underwear, and avoiding tight fitting pants. During this period bacteria tend to multiply and lead to certain vaginal infections as well as irritation of the external genitalia. So aside from the practices mentioned, it’s advisable to wash our nether region properly by washing the areas around and outside the vagina everyday, gently cleaning the folds and your vulva then rinsing it well. It’s not enough to use soap. Instead, use an antiseptic feminine wash which has effective antibacterial yet vagina-friendly properties like GynePro. It doubles the cleanliness as well as maintains a healthy balance in our intimate area.

GynePro: Clean And Protected Intimate Areas

GynePro wants to educate more women about how to care for themselves and their lady parts. Formulated with Chlorhexidine digluconate, GynePro is proven to be the safest antiseptic intimate wash in the market today. Using it has certain advantages. It provides twice as much fast-acting and longer lasting protection and is hard on harmful organisms but gentle on skin. It doesn’t stain the skin and is tested and recommended by OB Gynecologists. Furthermore, it supplements your daily feminine wash with extra care when you need it and is highly dependable during menstruation for antiseptic cleanliness and protection.

GynePro: Clean And Protected Intimate Areas

A product of Unilab, GynePro is to be used twice a week for regular protection. It’s available in two sizes, 60 ml and 150 ml. The former is worth Php 60.75 while the latter is priced at Php 124.50.

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