Cool Rave Fashion

Rave fashion should be fun and cool because a rave party is all about expressing yourself. But if it’s your first time to go to a rave party, then you probably wouldn’t know what to wear. Along with the flashy lights, techno dance beats courtesy of the DJ with his awesome JBL Sub and crazy music, you should wear something comfortable. Anything goes when it comes to tops as long as it’s comfortable while dancing. Just combine it with other rave accessories. You can also wear LED rave hoodies that are great when worn in the dark. Other good rave attire ideas include rave swearshirts, rave glasses, masks, and fiber optic hair braids. As for the shoes, wear plasma rave sneakers to be unique and funky. Furthermore, since they are flat shoes, they are very comfortable and easy on your feet.


DHADHA GARCIA is a lifestyle blogger from Bacolod City, PH. A mom of one, an entrepreneur, and a shutterbug, she is happy, busy, and always on the lookout for exciting projects to work on.



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