Easy Ways To Extend Your Manicure

Easy Ways To Extend Your Manicure

Having nail polish on makes women feel more feminine. Furthermore, having a manicure and pedicure is one of the cheapest and most effective forms of relaxation. It’s a bummer though when your nail polish gets a chip an hour after the last coat is applied. It’s frustrating but there are definitely ways to prolong the life of your nail polish and ultimately your manicure. You have to first prepare your nails the right way. Moisturize them by applying nail oil between manicures to make sure that the nail bed is hydrated and your nails don’t split. Keep your nail polish in your refrigerator because warm surroundings will cause the polish to separate.

Another tip is to not put on another coat and wait until a few minutes have passed. For it to stay put, first apply two coats of base coat. Apply another thin coat every other day to re-gloss your mani and prevent chips. To harden the nail polish, run your hands under ice cold water. Also remember that water expands the nail bed resulting to your polish peeling off so it’s essential to wear gloves when washing dishes. Lastly, be mindful when applying some skin care products because they may tarnish a manicure. If you’re looking for nail polishes that last, I found cute and bright nail polish for the summer on Zalora’s website.


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