pH Care Naturals For Every Woman

Probably not all women are aware that they should not use soap to wash their nether regions because regularly applying this can cause dryness and can lead to several uncomfortable health conditions and infections. If you feel that it is unavoidable, then you have to use it sparingly. The best alternative to soap is feminine wash. This is a popular choice because it is specially formulated for vaginal washing and will definitely keep you feeling clean, fresh, and odor-free. Some even say that douching regularly with feminine wash helps prevent the occurrence of vaginal and urinary tract infections. Despite of its popularity, there will always be those who will doubt its safeness. Some women might suggest that it should not be used regularly, but only maybe twice or thrice a week or only during menstruation.

pH Care Naturals For Every Woman

Keep in mind that not all formulations of feminine wash are similar. Some are stronger than others in their capacity to eliminate bacteria. Also remember that feminine wash can kill most good and bad bacteria which should not be the case since the body needs the good ones to maintain the acidity of the vagina, which in return, will ward off infections in that region.

Worry no more because Unilab has come up with a new line called pH Care Naturals. They are so mild (due to their natural ingredients — papaya and guava leaves), making them safe and gentle for everyday use.

pH Care Naturals Papaya

pH Care Naturals For Every Woman

There are a lot of factors that can influence a woman’s confidence when it comes to donning that swimsuit, including puson problems and cleavage consciousness. But one other common insecurity many women have is dark skin in and around the feminine area, and this is something they can feel self-conscious about even in the comfort and privacy of their own rooms and bathrooms. And, while there are many products for whitening dark skin in other parts of the body, most of these aren’t safe or suited for use in intimate areas.

pH Care Naturals For Every Woman

But now, pH Care has a new whitening feminine wash variant that uses natural ingredients, so you keep the sensitive area fresh and fair. The new pH Care Naturals Papaya is powered with papaya extract, so you get fairer skin in as early as 14 days! And since we know papaya is one of nature’s wonders when it comes to skin-whitening, you’re sure to get only the best results with the mildest ingredients.

pH Care Naturals Guava

pH Care Naturals For Every Woman

Even if you’re not overly concerned with dark skin, you may still want a feminine wash made from natural ingredients that will still keep your intimate area fresh and clean. After all, in a hot country like ours, sweat can lead to discomfort, even body odor, and infection — and it’s worse when it involves the feminine area!

pH Care Naturals For Every Woman

But no need to worry; pH Care Naturals Guava has been specially infused with guava leaf extract, which is well-known for its cleansing and anti-bacterial properties. In fact, the use of guava leaves for intimate care is a traditionally renowned practice passed on from generation to generation. So if you’re among the 33% of Filipinas constantly seeking for natural solutions “down there,” then give pH Care Naturals Guava a try. It will naturally deodorize the area so you can feel confident regardless of outfit, activity, or even weather. It has quite a refreshing scent, too!

Now, you can be assured of natural care “down there”, para fresh and clean na, odor-free pa!

pH Care Naturals For Every Woman

The new pH Care Naturals Intimate Wash is available for Php 49.50 (50mL) and Php 104.00 (150mL) at leading supermarkets, drugstores, and beauty stores.

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